What is the maximum lot size?

These trading size rules are only for the Origin Funded plan, not for the Evolution Funded plan.

We’ve now based the maximum trading volume on the starting balance of the account for easier calculation. By using the starting balance for calculations, the process becomes more straightforward and user-friendly.

The maximum trading size is specifically relevant for traders in Levels 1-3.

Forex and Crypto Trading: The maximum lot size is set at 0.2 Lot for every 2,000 USD in your account balance. This measurement is based on the total account balance, not per individual trade.

Commodities and Indices Trading: Here, the maximum lot size is slightly different, fixed at 0.02 lot per 2,000 USD, again calculated based on the account balance rather than per trade.

While trading Forex, crypto, commodities, and indices simultaneously is permissible, traders must be vigilant not to exceed the maximum allowed lot size for both forex and non-forex trades. The lot size should be recalibrated whenever the balance dips below the initial balance.

The number of open positions you can have is not restricted. However, if you’re considering placing pending orders while having open positions, ensure that the total of all open positions plus potential pending orders does not exceed the maximum position size.

Examples for Better Understanding:
Forex/Crypto Trading:
  • With a Starter account holding a $7,000 balance, your maximum lot size is 0.7 lots.
  • A Standard account with a $15,000 balance allows for a maximum lot size of 1.5 lots.
  • For a Professional account with a $30,000 balance, the maximum lot size reaches 3 lots.
Commodities/Indices Trading:
  • A Starter account with a $7,000 balance sets your maximum lot size at 0.07 lots.
  • With a $15,000 balance in a Standard account, you can go up to 0.15 lots.
  • In a Professional account having a $30,000 balance, the maximum lot size is 0.30 lots.
For those who wish to trade in both, for instance, Forex and Gold, here’s how it works: In a professional account with a $30,000 balance, you can trade 2.0 Lot in Forex (equivalent to $20,000) and 0.1 Lot in Gold (equivalent to $10,000).