Guide to Purple Trading’s cTrader Platform

Introduction to Purple Trading’s cTrader Platform

Purple Trading provides an exceptional trading experience through the cTrader platform, renowned for its intuitive design and robust functionalities. This guide offers a professional overview to assist users in navigating and maximizing the cTrader platform efficiently.

Essential User Actions

Password Management

To ensure account security, Purple Trading facilitates straightforward password reset mechanisms:

  • Within cTrader: Click “Forgot password” at the login screen, enter your registered email, and follow the instructions to receive a reset link.
  • Via Web: Navigate to, select “Forgot?” near the password field, input your email, and proceed as directed to reset your password.

Language Preference Settings

Customizing the language setting in cTrader can enhance user experience:

  • Access language options by clicking the “cogwheel” icon in the lower-left corner, selecting “General,” and choosing your desired language from the list.

Account Access

Seamless access to your trading platform is critical:

  • Mobile Access: Install the Purple Trading cTrader app, input your registered email and password, and select “Login.”
  • Desktop Access: Utilize the credentials provided in your Welcome email after account setup.

Trading Instruments Display

Efficient navigation to trading instruments is vital for market participation:

  • After logging in to cTrader, access the “Trader” section, click on “Finder” to explore the available trading instruments categorized for user convenience.

Advanced Functionalities

Trade History Review

Monitoring past transactions is crucial for strategic planning:

  • Locate the trade history in cTrader under the “History” tab within the graph section, where transactions can be reviewed and reports generated.

cTrader Download

Availability across devices ensures a versatile trading experience:

  • cTrader is available for download for PC, Mac, web browsers, and mobile devices, catering to diverse user needs.

Detailed Instrument Information

Access to detailed trading instrument information supports informed decision-making:

  • In cTrader’s “Finder” section, right-click on an instrument and select “Symbol Window” to view extensive details including trading volumes, swap, and hours.
  • The list of trading instruments can also be found here.

Trade Execution Issues

Addressing common trade execution challenges is paramount for uninterrupted trading:

  • Connectivity: Confirm active data streaming and chart movements to ensure a stable connection.
  • Order Volume Compliance: Check if the order volume aligns with the minimum and step lot requirements and ensure adequate free margin.
  • Adherence to Trading Hours: Be aware that trading is suspended during the liquidity pool refresh period nightly from 23:59:00 to 00:05:59 (cTrader time).

Understanding Purple Trading

Corporate Identity

Purple Trading, represented by L.F. Investment Limited, epitomizes a regulated and transparent STP broker, dedicated to offering direct market access and diverse trading opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance

Purple Trading’s legitimacy is fortified by its regulation under CySEC, with compliance to FCA and BaFIN standards, underlining its commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy trading environment.

By integrating the above insights, users of Purple Trading’s cTrader platform are equipped to engage with the trading environment more effectively, bolstering their trading proficiency and operational ease.