How does the payout works?

Your profits will be paid after you have made a profit of 10%. The payment schedule will be weekly. You will get paid 10% of your profit from your current capital, and any profit left over will be added to your new increased balance as a new profit.

For example, with a starting capital of $15,000, once you hit 10% profit, you will get paid, and the profit will be split 50/50. The new balance will be $22,500, and you will get paid again when you hit another 10% of the new balance. Once you reach level 5 and your funding balance is at $125,000, you will get 70% of the profit split instead of 50%.

To request your payout, kindly complete the form at Payouts are completed in 1-2 business days. The payout is made automatically using your specified payment method. Withdrawals are also entirely free.