What are the rules for trading?

The trading rules are pretty simple. There are only three rules for our traders:

  1. Forex’s maximum trading size of 0.1 Lot per 2,000 USD is based on the account balance. For other assets, the maximum trading size is 0.01 Lot per 2,000 USD.
    • If you want to leave pending orders but already have open positions, be sure that the total of all open positions plus potential pending orders does not exceed the maximum position size.
  2. A maximum drawdown of 10% at all types, based on the starting balance.
    • For example, if you start with a Balance of 15,000 USD, the maximum aggregated loss you are allowed to have is 1,500 USD.
  3. Every position you open in the market must have a stop loss linked to it.
    • The Stop Loss should be set within 30 Minutes after Opening the Position
    • In Case you are a Scalper and open and close trades within a period of fewer than 30 minutes, you don’t need to set a Stop loss

If you violate any trading rules at any time, your account will be deactivated, and you will be ineligible for the profit share. Any open trades will not be automatically liquidated, but your account will become ineligible for trading. To continue with the funding opportunity, your funded trading account must be reset. You can read more here: https://fundyourfx.com/faqs/trading-rules/how-to-reset-the-account/