Discover the freedom to trade with ease through our flexible, user-friendly interface, making trading a pleasure, not a challenge.

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Instant Funding

Zero Loss Liability

Refundable Fees

Have more freedom and trade any trading strategy, trading style, any time of the day. We allow you to trade the news, hedge positions, and leave trades overnight and on the weekend. We even let you use your own EAs.

What make us different

Weekly Profit Payout

You will be paid up to 90% of all earnings directly after you hit a 10% profit if you follow our trading rules. The payout happens automatically via your preferred payment method.

No Risk

You never have to risk any money. By demonstrating consistency, we will reward you steadily increasing your funded account size. You will never be liable for any losses

Exceptional Flexibility

FundYourFX offers the most flexible trading rules in the industry. We allow overnight positions, news trading, and trades over the weekend. The only thing that matters to us is that you follow the risk management rules.

Personal Support

We offer our funded traders an individual contact person, with whom they can ask questions and get immediate feedback. Our support is always here for you.

Real Funding

We offer live accounts from day one. We believe that the best way to challenge your trader psychology & evaluate your performance is to trade with a live account from the start.

$2M Upside Growth

It’s time to leverage your trading skills. After having the first profit split, we will continue to increase your account steadily until you reach $2M.

How it Works

Select Your Plan

Select your Funded Trader Program plan

Secure your spot

Process the fees and sign the contract. ​

Start Trading

Receive your funded account and start making money.

Get Paid

Secure your profit share payment every 10% in profit.

Prove you can trade

Instant Funding

Zero Loss Liability

Refundable Fees

As soon as you’ve paid for our funded trading program, we’ll set you up with a Live Trading Account. If you stick to the “Trading Rules,” we will increase your trading capital every time you reach a profit of 10%. Furthermore, we offer a profit split of up to 90% and capital scaling of up to $2M. It’s now time to start your journey and secure your profit.

Competitive Scaling Program

FundYourFX was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to trade with a realistic amount of capital. That’s why we offer our Funded Trader Program, which is unique in offering a fully Virtual-funded Demo live trading account and scaling up to $2,000,000.

There is a one-time setup fee according to the selected plan (Starter £197 / Standard £297 / Professional £577). The fee covers account setup, license fees, administration costs, and our risk management and analytics software. This fee, however, is refundable after your 3rd profit split. So when you hit 10% profit 3 times, we will refund you the setup fee.

Just as we share profits with all our traders, we also expect that traders cover some initial expenses of working with us.

Besides the one-time setup fee, there are no additional costs to working with us.

You will start with a Live-Account in the size according to the plan (Starter $6,000 / Standard $15,000 / Professional $30,000).

Every time you reach a profit of 10%, we will increase the Funded Trading Balance. The increment will always be done automatically within two days. We provide scaling up to a whopping $2M.

Example: The Trader makes a profit of 10% in the first month of trading with his $15,000 account. We will make the profit share within two days, and the funded account will be increased to $22,500.

Once a trader hits a profit of 10%, our team will review all trading activity before funding the accounts.

If we find backdated Rule breaches, your account will be ineligible for funding.

At FundYourFX, we believe in giving our traders a fair amount of time to achieve their profit goals. It is only fair that we expect our traders to be profitable since we fund them instantly with real money and have no liability for losses. It has to be a win/win situation for both the company and the trader. We take all the risk, so we expect the capital we provide for the traders will be utilized to be profitable in accordance with the rules.

For traders at levels 1-3, we kindly ask them to aim for 10% profitability within 90 days to be eligible for payouts. Progressing to level 4 extends the window to 120 days and level 5 to 180 days. The best part? There will be no time limit once you are at level 6. This gives you even more opportunities to reach your goals and succeed!

Our intention is to be fully transparent, and we hope you will take all the relevant factors regarding our situation into consideration.

Our Rules

As soon as you’ve paid for our funded trading program, we’ll set you up with a Live Trading Account. If you stick to the “Trading Rules,” we will increase your trading capital every time you reach a profit of 10%. Furthermore, we offer a profit split of up to 90% and capital scaling of up to $2M. It’s now time to start your journey and secure your profit.

We believe in empowering our traders with opportunities for growth. As you progress through our trading levels, your trading size becomes boundless.

The maximum trading size only applies to traders in Levels 1-3. Forex and Crypto maximum trading size of 0.1 Lot per 2,000 USD is based on the starting account balance. For Commodities and Indices, the maximum trading size is 0.01 Lot per 2,000 USD.

Experience the freedom to trade as much as you desire and capitalize on your potential.

Risk management is a cornerstone of successful trading, and at FundYourFX, we prioritize it. The Maximum Drawdown Limit is determined by your account level, ensuring that risk remains controlled as you climb higher. Here are the maximum drawdown limits based on account levels:

  • Level 1-2: A maximum drawdown of 6% of your initial balance provides a safety net as you explore the markets.
  • Level 3-4: Enjoy a higher level of maneuverability with a maximum drawdown of 7% of your initial balance.
  • Level 5-6: Step into the advanced levels with confidence, knowing that the maximum drawdown limit is set at 10% of your initial balance.

Discipline is key in trading, and we encourage it right from the start. Traders at level 1 are required to use a valid stop loss when entering the market.

This important risk management tool shields your positions from unexpected market movements. Place your stop loss within 30 minutes of opening trade to ensure adequate protection.

As you progress to levels 2 through 6, the stop loss requirement is lifted, giving you more flexibility in your trading strategies.

Up to 90% of Profit is Yours

Honesty and fairness are part of our principles in business, therefore we reward your hard work and good performance with equanimity in mind. It’s a win/win partnership.