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Trading Forex

Foreign exchange is often the most actively traded asset in prop businesses. Some prop firms offer forex trading, while others offer trading in various assets in addition to forex. FundYourFX provides more than 40 currency pairings, including major, minor, and exotic trading pairs. 

Suppose that you are keen to start to trade indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex with a leverage of 1:100. If this is the case, you have the opportunity to obtain a funded account with FundYourFX by submitting an application to be a trader and being accepted for the position. 

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What is Forex?

The process of exchanging the native currency of one nation for the currency of another nation at the market-determined exchange rate is known as foreign exchange.

If you believe that one currency will be stronger than the other and your prediction turns out to be accurate, you may be able to make a profit.

According to the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and OTC derivatives markets, the foreign exchange, often known as the forex market, is the largest financial market in the world, even greater than the stock market. With a daily volume of $6.6 trillion, the forex market is significantly larger than the stock market.

The foreign exchange market is open for trading around the clock, five days a week, by banks, institutions, and individual traders all around the world. Since there is no centralized marketplace for forex trading like there is for other financial markets, currency transactions take place over the counter in whichever market is open at the given moment.

How to Trade Forex?

When trading foreign exchange, you will often buy one currency while simultaneously selling another. Traders in the foreign exchange market aggressively speculate on the future value of currencies in order to increase their chances of making a profit from the purchasing and selling of those currencies.

There are a variety of channels via which one might speculate or engage in currency markets.

When it comes to financial instruments, retail forex, spot Forex, currency futures, currency options, currency exchange-traded funds (or ETFs), forex contract for difference (CFD), and forex spread betting are among the most common and widely used ones.

List of Forex Pairs in FundYourFX

Major Pairs

The four currency pairings that see the most significant transaction volume on the foreign exchange market are the major pairs. Currently, the four most important currency pairings are the EUR/USD, the USD/JPY, the GBP/USD, and the USD/CHF.

The Group of Ten (G10) currency group includes these four main currency pairings, all of which are deliverable currencies. These currency pairings are some of the most actively traded in the world for speculative purposes, despite the fact that they provide a large amount of volume to the economic transactions that they are associated with.

Many people believe that the big currency pairings are what drive the global foreign exchange market, and these pairs see the largest volume of trading. Some people argue that the USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and NZD/USD currency pairings should also be considered majors, despite the fact that it is generally accepted that the major currency pairs only include a total of four different currency combinations. These three sets are part of a collection that is collectively referred to as the “commodity pairings.”

Minor Pairs

Minor currency pairings, also known as cross-currency pairs, are pairs of currencies that do not contain the U.S. dollar but do include at least one of the world’s other three main currencies. These pairs are considered to be “cross” currency pairs. That is to say that the Japanese yen, the British pound, or the euro comprises at least one of the currencies contained in the pair, if not both of the currencies. 

Minor currency pairings should not be confused with the seven major currency pairs, each of which pairs the United States dollar against one of the six other currencies with the highest volume of trading in the world.

Exotic Pairs

On the foreign exchange market, exotic currency pairs are the third most frequently traded type. One of the eight main currencies is paired here with a currency from a country with a developing or emerging economy.  Traders who want to diversify their portfolios away from the major currencies that now dominate the market may do so by taking advantage of exotic currency pairs.

Trading in exotic currencies is characterized by low volumes, limited liquidity, high potential for price swings, and a lack of market depth. It comes with a higher degree of risk due to the higher level of volatility associated with these currencies. However, trading exotic currencies also provide the opportunity to find trading opportunities in the event that none are available in the major FX pairings.

What is the disadvantage of trading Forex?


The foreign exchange market is just like any other market in that it may experience periods of high and low volatility. Forex traders who are looking to generate gains in the short term may, at times, find themselves exposed to unexpectedly high levels of market volatility, which may render their currency trading tactics unprofitable.


Because it multiplies both earnings and losses, leverage can be used against you if you’re not careful. Due to the high level of risk involved, forex trading is not recommended for traders who prefer to minimize their exposure to potential losses. Before beginning trading, it is essential, as a result, to have a thorough understanding of the risks involved and to commit only the amount of capital that you can afford to lose.

What are the advantages, and why should you trade Forex?


The foreign exchange market is one of the marketplaces that are most easily accessible to ordinary traders. It is now perhaps the easiest financial market in which to establish an account and begin trading. It is possible to open an online forex trading account from virtually any location in the globe with as little as one dollar and a smart device that is linked to the internet.

High liquidity

The foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world in terms of volume. This indicates that there is often a sufficient amount of liquidity for trading, particularly in the main currencies. One of the most alluring aspects of the foreign exchange market from the perspective of potential participants is its high level of liquidity. 

During the time that the foreign exchange market is processing new information and reacting to it, exceptional circumstances, such as the unexpected imposition of exchange rate regimes, the publication of significant economic data, and the occurrence of geopolitical events, can have a negative impact on the liquidity of affected currency pairs.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a helpful tool for analyzing the foreign exchange market. Forex traders may commonly generate profits by using technical analysis of price charts, in contrast to equities and bond traders, who may need to conduct extensive research on the fundamentals and financial health of share and bond issuers.

Unlike fundamental analysis, technical analysis is based on price histories and trends that yield clues regarding how the market perceives supply and demand and sentiment regarding those assets. Fundamental analysis is the more common form of analysis.

Automate Your Trading

The majority of online forex brokers support various trading platforms. These platforms enable traders to run “expert advisor” or EA software, which automates trading for the trader. This functionality is offered by a number of trading platforms.

Market Manipulation is Less Likely

Even for major firms and hedge funds, manipulating the foreign exchange market may be a difficult feat because of its enormous scale and the depth to which it extends. Even national central banks may have trouble influencing the foreign exchange market, despite the fact that they do occasionally intervene to dampen volatile market movements in their respective currencies.

In Conclusion

After gaining a grasp of the disadvantages and advantages associated with forex trading, it is in one’s best interest to make the appropriate choice on whether or not to engage in this activity. The Forex market comes with the promise of larger returns, yet, it also comes with the possibility of larger losses.

For the most part, foreign exchange trading is not for everyone since it requires a significant amount of understanding, discipline, taking calculated risks, and patience in order to have the greatest possible chance of being successful. You may offer yourself the best possible chance of success while trading in the foreign exchange market by first gaining an understanding of this.

If you are interested in beginning a career in foreign exchange trading, you may find that the FundYourFX Funded Trader Program is the ideal starting point for you.

FundYourFX provides traders with the ability to open an instant live trading account with a starting balance of up to $30,000. You have the opportunity to scale to $1,000,000 with zero loss liability and no restrictive rules.


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