Best Trading Strategies 2022: Scalping Strategy

scalping strategy

Scalping Strategy

A scalping trading strategy is the practice of profiting from minor intraday price movements. Despite the low profits, it is one of the most effective trading strategies.

What is scalping?

Scalping is a trading strategy that seeks to profit from a series of minor price fluctuations. Scalpers attempt to scalp a modest profit on each transaction in the hopes that the small profits will pile up. Scalpers usually profit before the market has had a chance to move. Because scalpers frequently have a risk/reward ratio of about 1/1, it is usual for scalpers not to make a large profit on each deal. They concentrate on increasing the overall number of tiny profitable deals.

How to scalp?

Successful scalping requires you to be motivated about what you’re doing and to be prepared to devote time to watching markets and creating the best strategy. This is due to the fact that you will need to wait for market situations to provide you with indications before deciding whether to go short or long. When day trading, most forex scalpers use tiny timelines such as 15-minute, 5-minute, and 1-minute charts.

Why is technical analysis important when scalping?

Scalping, like most strategies, requires a sufficient level of full technical analysis in order for the trader to benefit. Analysis may be as basic or as sophisticated as you like, but it’s critical to choose a trading platform that gives you access to as much technical data as you need. If you want to enhance your trading strategies, you’ll need the correct charts, graphs, and data.

Why you should use a scalping trading strategy?

Scalping can be very rewarding for traders who use it as their primary strategy or to supplement other methods of trading. Following a tight exit plan is essential for compounding small earnings into large gains.

A one-minute scalping strategy is an excellent technique for newbies to use. It comprises opening a trade, accumulating a small profit, and then closing the position quickly. Professional traders see it as one of the best trading strategies, as well as one of the simplest to master.

Why should you use scalping strategy with FundYourFX?

  1. Because scalping needs lightning-fast trade execution, you’ll need to choose software and a firm that can handle the volume. You need a proper system to increase the already small earnings that scalping generates. You can use automated trading for these fast executions. Fortunately, FundYourFX allows you to use your own EAs where you can automate your transactions faster than humans.
  2. Scalpers frequently execute hundreds of trades every day. Imagine being charged a fixed commission on each of those deals. Your earnings would be swiftly eaten away by increased transaction expenses. A 0% commission broker is crucial for effective scalping. Or, at the very least, one that provides significant discounts to big volume traders. We at FundYourFX have no fees or swaps on trades and the spreads are narrow. You will save a lot of money using the scalping strategy with us, so your small gains will add up.
  3. Timing is critical for scalpers since they earn from the bid/ask spread and/or small price fluctuations. Direct market access is required because scalpers must earn money on a large percentage of deals. When you’re dealing with hundreds of shares every day, you need to know where and when your trade will be executed. FundYourFX is partnered with a liquidity provider that gives direct market access. 


These are reasons why FundYourFX is perfect if you want to trade using scalping since, in scalp trading, speed and precision are critical. If you do not have a firm that offers direct market access or minimal / zero commissions, you will most likely incur too many transaction expenses to make the strategy viable.

In summary

Scalping is not a new or advanced trading strategy, but it is one that many day traders have successfully employed. Scalping reduces your risk of loss and allows you to trade profitably even when markets are flat. Scalpers must be fine with small wins and focus solely on the next trade. Finding the correct prop firm is the first step to effective scalping. FundYourFX is a great choice, and we have already shown why we are ideal for your scalping strategy.

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