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Fundyourfx most profitable trader Interview Trader Kris Kattel

What Makes Kris Kattel a Successful Trader?

What do most successful traders have in common? It is their never give up attitude and just keep learning every day. Always work hard to perfect your strategy. This would not be possible if you don’t have a passion for the market. Kris Kattel, one of FundYourFX most profitable traders, is a lifelong student of the market and possesses all the characteristics of a successful trader.

In our series featuring our most successful traders, we’ll be speaking with a number of prominent FundYourFX traders. Our next successful trader is Kris Kattel. We hope that these interviews will inspire and assist other traders in becoming successful traders.

Kris Kattel, One of FundYourFX’s Most Profitable Traders

In this interview video, Kris Kattel discusses his trading experience with Jay from FundYourFX. He talks about his journey and his successful trading strategy. Like most traders, his journey did not start smoothly. He faced many struggles to be profitable. But like most successful traders, he did not give up.

Kris Kattel, who is from Estonia, has been trading since 2019. It all started while he was vacationing in Gran Canaria. While there, he felt like it was the life that he wanted. So he turned to trading to make it happen. Trading in Estonia was not mainstream and many people were skeptical of the profession. People prefer to work 9-5 jobs. But not for Kris. He wanted to prove them wrong. In the end, he did prove them wrong. Now living comfortably in Gran Canaria, you can say he is living the dream life he always wanted. 

His journey was not smooth, unfortunately. Before he had success, he faced losses and emotional struggles due to trading. It took him a while but he realized what he did wrong. He went to the drawing board and reviewed all his trades. That was when he turned profitable. It took him 2 years to be a profitable trader. He sacrificed 15 hours a day to study and practice the charts in order to understand how price moves.

A Life-Long Learner of the Market

Kris Kattel will always be a lifelong student. Success did not come overnight for him. He puts in the hard work to be successful in his trading. Always trying to improve every day and learning all the time about his trading. He found success as a trader and in FundYourFX. What drew him to FundYourFX is the instant live funded account. You are not trading on a demo account and without challenges, you can trade right away. And the fact that the rules are appealing makes him like FundYourFX even more.

He likes that the maximum lot size is limited. He feels that FundYourFX can make you into a better and more consistent trader by limiting your lot size, because the bigger the lot size, the bigger the risk. All the reasons why FundYourFX is his #1 choice for prop trading.

His Successful Trading Strategy

Kris Kattel gives all the credit for his successful trading to ICT, Inner Circle Trader, by Michael J Huddleston. He based his strategy on ICT and adapted the teaching to his trading strategy. It has done really well for him. His experience has also helped him to be successful. He felt that prop firms have helped him to manage his risk better than before.

If you are thinking of joining FundyourFX, Kris Kattel gives his seal of approval. He thinks people looking to join should not think too much and save themselves time by starting to trade and be a consistent traders with FundYourFX. FundYourFX is a real company, it is not a scam. With the best trading rules, reasonable application fee, and no challenges to complete, it is the best place to start your trading journey. Just remember Kris’ advice to never stop trying and always learn something new. You should be a lifelong student in this industry. Your hard work and determination will pay off if you never give up. 

We would like to give our sincerest thanks to Kriss Kattel for sharing his journey and choosing FundYourFX. Traders can learn a lot from him about being successful traders. We at FundYourFX wish him the best in the future and hope we will be able to talk to him again to update us on his journey as a FundYourFX trader. If you want to follow his journey, be sure to follow him on Instagram @kris.kattel


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