How to Install EA in MetaTrader 4

How to Install EA in MetaTrader

Do you Know How to Install EA in MetaTrader 4?

Even if you’re a good trader, you’ll hit some hiccups along the way. This is particularly the case for traders who pursue the manual trading path, rejecting the automated techniques that might boost their profits. Constraints of automated trading aside, any trader, especially one using expert advisors, may demonstrate more command over their account. Due to the beneficial effects of EAs when used properly, this article offers a detailed guide on setting up and operating an EA in MetaTrader 4..

What is an EA?

Forex traders sometimes use a tool called an “expert advisor,” or “EA,” which is software that can be installed on the platform and will execute trades automatically whenever certain conditions are satisfied. You may think of it as “automatic trading” since orders are placed without your direct involvement.

What is the Advantage of Using EA?

The charts may be monitored around the clock by an EA, which enables it to initiate and exit trades and even generate warnings that can help traders save time. The fact that trading using an EA removes the human element from the decision-making process also plays a significant influence. Most traders’ trading strategies are abandoned when they start dealing with real money because traders’ emotions get the better of them.

How to Install EA in MetaTrader 4

The following procedures should be followed to set up an Expert Advisor for use in algorithmic or automated trading:

Step 1

  • Make your own EA or download one.
  • Select the EA file you want to install, then copy it.
  • Locate the MetaTrader 4 directory. For most people, this may be found on the C: drive.
  • Cut and paste the files into the Experts folder. In the event that a dialog appears asking for administrative approval, click Continue.

Step 2

  • Launch the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. From the main menu, select the ‘File’ option.
  • Simply selecting the “Open Data Folder” option will cause a new folder panel to become visible.
  • Choose the ‘MQL4‘ folder, and then the ‘Experts’ file, to continue.
  • Simply move your EA file(s) into this folder using the drag-and-drop method.
  • In order for your modifications to take effect, you will need to restart MetaTrader 4.


Before actually investing, make sure you have tried the demo and learned as much as possible about the product. Demo trading can familiarize you with your EA and help you find out how to utilize it to best support your trading strategy, even if performance might be hard to measure over small sample size. If you are the creator of your own EA, this is a chance to put it through its paces and see if there are any adjustments you’d want to make before deploying it live.

How can I tell if my EA is active or not?

A happy face symbol will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the chart to which you have applied the EA to indicate whether or not the EA is now active.

Verify that AutoTrading is turned on if you do not see the happy face symbol or if you see a sad face instead. Simply clicking the “AutoTrading” button will activate the AutoTrading feature on your account. When the feature is operational, it will show a green “play” indicator to indicate that it is being used. Then make another attempt to add the AE.

What You Should Know About Using EAs

It’s recommended that you develop the EA on your own. It’s not simple, and you may have to put in some effort to figure it out. You should take the time to familiarize yourself with every facet of the expert advisor you want to use.

If the EA relies on moving averages, you should know if it employs simple or exponential moving averages and how many bars those averages span.

If the signals are generated using Stochastic, be sure you are familiar with the parameters that produce them.

Learn everything there is to know about the EA before you attempt to install it on the computer.

Not everyone is cut out for the intricate and time-consuming task of developing an EA from scratch. If you don’t have the resources to make your own, you may always purchase one. Now, it’s important to note that a premade EA will not have the same degree of flexibility as your own made EA, but it will still be quite convenient to use.

Users and developers of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) may sell Expert Advisors (EAs) to one another via the MetaQuotes app store, which is now bursting with EA alternatives and variations. This granularity of options allows you to tailor your search to locate EAs that are suitable for both your immediate and long-term trading goals.

If you’re having trouble finding an EA that can help you achieve both short-term and long-term trading objectives, it may be worth it to invest in a tailor-made solution. You can always use a reputable company that specializes in developing automated trading systems, like YourRoboTrader.


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