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Fundyourfx trader Interview Syed Ahmed

What Makes FundYourFX Trader Syed Ahmed a Successful Trader?

A good trader is someone who is motivated to constantly learn from their mistakes. A person with self-discipline and have passion for the market. Someone who is willing to work hard to perfect their strategy. We have Syed Ahmed, one of FundYourFX’s most profitable traders. He possesses all of the characteristics of a successful trader.

In our series featuring our most successful traders, we’ll be speaking with a number of prominent FundYourFX traders, starting with Syed Ahmed. We hope that these interviews will inspire and assist other traders in becoming successful traders.

Syed Ahmed, One of FundYourFX’s Most Profitable Traders

Syed Ahmed has discussed his trading experience with Jay from FundYourFX, including how he got started in trading and how he wishes he had begun with FundYourFX from the beginning, rather than having to deal with passing challenges with other prop firms. His journey wasn’t smooth at first, but his “never give up” attitude paid off in the end.

Syed Ahmed has been trading for 2 years. His road to success was not a smooth journey. Having to close his business due to Covid, he turned to trading. He mentioned how he regretted not starting with FundYourFX’s instant funding and instead had to try passing trading challenges in other prop firms for a year. If he had known at the start of his journey that FundYourFX did not require a trading challenge,  it would have saved him time and money. 

It was hard for him in the first year when he faced losses after losses. But he did not falter and did not give up. Instead, he learns from those mistakes.  His hard work and determination motivated him to continue to study and enhance his trading strategy.

His Succesful Trading Strategy

He learned from his early losses that trading requires a strong mindset. You must be able to accept a loss and learn from them to be a successful trader. He is no stranger to huge funding having started to handle a million-pound capital. He stresses the importance of having a live capital and no challenge as an important stepping stone in the prop firm industry. And it is the right time to be introducing a prop firm without challenges, like what FundYourFX has done all along. Without challenges, he can start with live trading on day 1. In just 3 days and 3 trades, he was able to hit 10%, increasing his capital.

After having his capital increased and payout released, his skepticism for FundYourFX turns to optimism. His current goal is to continue increasing his capital. Keep hitting that 10% to double his capital and get to the million-dollar funding.

His journey as a trader is still long. For him, every day will be different, but it is important to stick to your plan and always manage risk. His strategy has always been calculated risk. Traders, investors, professional gamblers, and entrepreneurs must all take calculated risks in order to maximize returns on money while minimizing the risk of failure.

It’s no different with Syed Ahmed. He knows he won’t be right all the time with his trading. It’s all about staying in the game, so making calculated risks is one of his most important strategies. As a day trader, he only makes 2 to 3 trades a day. He chooses his trades carefully, and the best wins are the small, consistent ones rather than the big ones. His self-discipline in sticking to his strategy has been working really well for him.

A Trader With a Heart

We are delighted with Syed Ahmed’s success and proud to have him as our trader. He understands that a lot of traders are struggling with capital and passing challenges. He has helped other traders in developing countries pass their challenges and paid for their accounts because he knows life is hard for them. Since FundYourFX does not require challenges, he has promoted it to his traders as a prop firm of choice. He is hopeful that these traders will treat it like a proper business and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve their life.

As always, we at FundYourFX will always support our traders. We send Syed Ahmed our sincerest wishes for success in the future. We expect to continue hearing from him in FundYourFX for a very long time. If you want to follow his journey, be sure to follow him on Instagram @syed_fundedtrader


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