What is the maximum drawdown?

The Maximum Drawdown Limit is set according to the level of the account.

Levels 1-2 will have a max drawdown of 5% of the initial balance.

Levels 3-4 will have a max drawdown of 7% of the initial balance.

Levels 5-6 will have a max drawdown of 10% of the initial balance.

If you reach or exceed the Maximum Trading Size at any time, whether with realized or unrealized losses, your account will be deactivated, and you will be ineligible for the profit share. Any open trades will not be automatically liquidated, but your account will become ineligible for trading. To continue with the funding opportunity, your funded trading account must be reset to continue receiving funding.

The reset costs depend on the selected plan (Starter £157 / Standard £237/ Professional £461), and your account will be reset to its starting balance regardless of your account balance at the time of the breach. If you violate any of the regulations, please notify our team immediately, and your funded account will be reset.