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We provide you a Statistic Result of your Trading + Detailed Risk Management System to keep you perform at your best. 

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As a professional prop-firm, we offer fast payouts weekly.

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We don’t want to be just another prop firm. We feel our story and vision should be bigger than our company. We have always felt that we want to make the world better. It sounds cliche, but everyone shares some of the responsibility for making the world a better place. Change is hard, but not impossible. We find ourselves in a situation where it’s time for us to lead. We want to do something. There is no outcome without action.

As a result, we are the first proprietary trading firm to donate 10% of profits to charity. Our traders will still get 50%, while we will keep 40% and donate 10% to four charitable organizations of our choice.

If our traders wish to support and participate in this humanitarian initiative, we offer them the opportunity to donate their 10% profit share. We picked an environmental charity, a charity that fights world hunger, a charity that prevents child abuse, and a charity that promotes financial literacy.  We will support these four issues, but we will work with several charitable organizations on each issue rather than just one.

How do our donations make the world better? We recognize that we may not be able to solve the problem quickly, but we have a vision and a solution to make a meaningful and enduring difference.

You can read more about it on this page: https://fundyourfx.com/charitable-donation/

We are Traders | Motivational Speech by FundYourFX

Doing what you’re truly passionate about and following your aspirations is the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to accomplish. To be a successful trader is a goal that many individuals give up on, but this does not have to be the case. Nothing inspires you more than knowing that no one else thinks you can accomplish it, but you keep going nevertheless, until they have no option but to respect you. This motivational video from FundYourFX was created for traders, by traders, and is intended to inspire traders. Together, we will demonstrate that no goal is out of reach if you put in the work and effort to achieve it.
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