7 Types of Forex Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Forex Scams

The foreign exchange (Forex) markets are the most liquid and the largest financial markets in the world when measured in terms of the dollar amount of trade volume. Amidst rising prices and unrest in several parts of the world, forex trading is becoming increasingly popular. This is often seen as a positive indicator by traders. There are a lot of advantages that come with the globalization of the forex market for forex brokers and banks. The rapid expansion of the foreign exchange market may be attributed to the ease and accessibility of dealing in forex. However, as its popularity has grown, so has the number of forex scammers. Learn how to protect yourself from falling victim to a forex scam with the help of this article.

Is Forex Legit?

When there are a lot of forex scams, some people not familiar with forex might wonder, Is it legit? Yes, Forex is a legitimate market. The forex market is a worldwide marketplace that has grown to become larger than stock markets due to the daily exchange of trillions of dollars worth of currency from different countries. The majority of traders who have attempted forex trading but have been unsuccessful may regard them to be scams. This, however, is untrue. Trading foreign currency, or Forex, is not fundamentally different from trading any other assets. You may achieve financial success with forex trading so long as you employ a reliable trading strategy. You will need discipline and perseverance, and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

What are Some Examples of Forex Scams?

It is hard to determine if something is a scam or not. Not all the examples mentioned are 100% scams. But the list here is something that requires you to use greater caution when interacting with them.

Exaggerated Promises of Potential Profits

Exaggerated claims of large returns on one’s investments are one of the most common tells that one is dealing with a forex scammer. If you are promised huge profits that are guaranteed, it is quite possible that you have fallen victim to a scam. Your return on investment will mostly be determined by how well you perform in a market that is inherently volatile. There is no guarantee that you will get your money back fast. However, you should be wary of working with a firm that promises consistently large profits because it is not possible to get such results in the forex trading market.

Restrictions on Making Withdrawals

If you attempt to withdraw money from your account but are unable to do so, it may be time to start worrying about the state of your investment. To avoid further financial loss, you should reevaluate your investment strategy if your broker offers you only a muddled explanation or apologizes without being specific.

Unreliable Forex Robots

Scammers that use forex robots to trade will tell inexperienced traders that they can make significant profits with very little education or experience. They may use fictitious or misleading data in an effort to persuade potential buyers to purchase their product. Formal and independent testing needs to be done on each and every trading bot. It is in your best interest to develop your own trading bot, or at the very least, purchase with a trustworthy company, like YourRoboTrader that specializes in programming automated trading systems. This way, the trading bot will be based on the strategy you have developed.

Signal Sellers

Signal sellers are people or businesses who give signals on when to purchase and sell a certain currency pair for a fee. They do this in exchange for a payment. In order to receive this information, traders are often required to pay some kind of ongoing charge to the signal seller. These individuals frequently give assurances that they will exceed the market.

Traders will be asked to provide money to the signal seller, but they will not receive any information in return. What’s even worse is that many of them aren’t even qualified to offer guidance, either because of a lack of expertise or some other reason. You may learn how simple it is to promote yourself as a signal seller with only a few clicks on Google.

The fact that these signal sellers frequently give glowing testimonials and claim a track record of significant financial gains makes it difficult to determine whether or not they are performing a scam.

Blacklisted Brokers

In order to engage in forex trading, you will need to work with a broker. Regrettably, not all brokers are trustworthy and legal; some will discover methods to steal your money or overwhelm you with fees in order to make a profit.

At any cost, you should steer clear of brokers that fail to supply you with the appropriate credentials. You want someone reliable to handle the management of your account. If you want to know whether or not a forex broker has a strong legal status in the forex market, you need to do your research and look into the governing authorities.

Conducting background research on any potential broker that you intend to work with is a recommended practice in any situation. On the website called Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC), which was developed by the National Futures Association, you are able to do a check that is similar to a background check.

MLM Forex

The rise of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies built around forex trading has maintained the currency’s popularity. These kinds of businesses already attract more than their share of mistrust, and the forex market is no exception to this rule. Members of well-known forex multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are required to pay a monthly fee in order to receive forex instructional materials and daily trade signals.

After that, members are given tiered commissions, which act as an incentive for them to recruit additional individuals. When it comes to these businesses, bringing on new customers is much more important than conducting business in general. 

Fake Forex Funds

There is a possibility that you may come across forex funds that provide guaranteed returns on the first deposit made. Fake funds will advertise abnormally high yearly returns, making them appear to be an extremely attractive investment option. 

Instead, you should think about investing your money in mutual funds or index funds, which are more stable and involve less risk.

How to Avoid Forex Scams?

Avoiding a forex scam may be done most effectively by learning as much as possible about these schemes. The more you educate yourself, the less probable it is that someone will take advantage of you. Be mindful that you should exercise caution if you come across anything that promises you success and/or enormous earnings despite the absence of any major proof or background information. Additionally, a hallmark of fraudulent activity is often behavior that involves unsolicited and relentless marketing. If you are being pressured or forced to buy a product or service, there is a possibility that you are being targeted in an attempt to commit a scam.

In Conclusion

When dealing with anything that has to do with finances, it is preferable to err on the side of caution and be more careful in the screening process. This is especially important to keep in mind given how difficult it can be to resist the appeal of quick profits.

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